Our Guess Who? Karneval costumes were a pretty big hit among those who saw them, which excites me, because I loved them too and will probably do it again. I wish I could claim Miss Creativity on this one, but I definitely saw the idea on Pinterest. For those of you who missed out on your childhood and never got to play Guess Who?, here is one side of the game. You try to guess the other player’s character by asking a serious of yes or no questions like “Does your person have a beard?”. By process of elimination, you can figure out the other player’s character. It’ s simply an 80s classic. Our boards say “Wer ist es?” because that is the name of the game in Germany. The character names remain the same.

How to Make a Guess Who Costume in 5 Easy Steps

Costume Pros

Weather Friendly – you can wear whatever outfit with them you like, so whether it’s freezing cold or scorching hot, this costume does not need to be altered, covered up, or taken off.
Cheap – this costume seriously cost us 5 Euro to make
Easy – any adult can make this

Costume Cons

Frame can be obtrusive in crowded spaces
Holding the frame can be annoying

What You’ll Need

Foam board
Box cutter (handle with care)
Construction paper
Red and blue permanent markers
String or ribbon
Accessories: Once you pick your character, you might need a beret, mustache, necklace, etc.


1. Measure and cut board. Be sure to cut out the center of the frame in one solid piece. You will use it later for the question mark.

2. Sketch question mark on remaining center frame piece in block letter style. Cut it out.

3. Trace question mark outline onto construction paper. Cut it out. Paste it over question mark for coloring.

4. Punch a hole in top of question mark. Insert string through hole and tie long enough to wear comfortable as a necklace.

5. Use markers to write “Guess Who?” on top of the frame and your character’s name on the bottom.





Have you ever played Guess Who?

  • Helene in Between

    you are beyond awesome. i love this so much and might be doing this for halloween.

    • ifs ands & butts

      Would be even more fun with more people. It’s just too easy, which is great for lazy humans like myself.

  • christin

    omg. this is effing brilliant.

  • thediaryofsugarandspice

    I totally love this!!! So clever!!!

  • bevchen

    EXCELLENT! I am bookmarking this post for future reference!

  • Katrin

    I love your costume idea! So cool! I am sure it can get a little annoying to hold it after a while, especially when you have a drink in your hands and need to catch some Kamelle. I always played Wer ist es? as a child!

    • ifs ands & butts

      Thanks Katrin! Yes, they caused the most problems at all the crowded bars, but it was worth it :)

  • Staci

    Hahahah I love this! I don’t even want to do it for halloween..just for a random day at work