The other day, my dad emailed me this great list of 50 Trips to Take in the United States. I pretty much need to take every single once since I am SO poorly traveled when it comes to my home country. I did not discover my desire to really travel until my college years and instead spent my summers happily in Texas on the Guadalupe River. Then I moved out, lived “on my own”, and realized that I needed to see the world. My childhood was wonderfully sheltered growing up in one tight bubble. Genuinely, I hope the same stable, safe childhood for my own children. However, it was time to see more and a trip to Guatemala and then my first Eurotrip embedded a travel bug deep within my gut.

From the previous list, I discovered a similar list of 100 Trips You Must Take in Your Lifetime and obsessively began clicking through every slide. It made me realize how much I’ve seen and experienced in the last three years, but also how much of the world I have yet to see, only igniting my travel urges even more.

Taste some of the best pizza in the world in Italy

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel through Italy a couple times and Easter weekend, I will explore the most southern bit in Palermo, Sicily. You bet I’m excited for some Sicilian pizza!

Cruise the Las Vegas strip

I got to experience Vegas in full for my best friend’s 21st birthday. We saw “O” at the Bellagio, ate on the balcony at the Bellagio Fountains, partied at The Bank, casino browsed, shopped, played beer pong,  gambled a bit on Black Jack and hours of craps (and even came out on top until my wallet go stolen). I love Vegas and don’t even want to speak of my FOMO come my bestie’s Bachelorette party there in a couple of weeks #expatproblems.

Stroll along the banks of the river Seine in Paris, France

Paris on a sunny day is hard to beat sometimes. I’ve also done a boat tour. Not highly suggested to pile yourself on one with the hundreds of other tourists but if you can fancy it up, by all means!

Get lost inside Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is like none other. It is massive. If you decide to go back and purchase something, good luck finding it again. If you have perfected the art of bargaining, you’re sure to have an even better time and walk away with all sorts of treats. Definitely go to the spice market too and take all the Turkish Delight and apple tea offers you get!

Drink beer from a Stein during Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Ha, have I been to Oktoberfest? It’s only the love of my life. Beer, roasted chicken, singalong songs, men in Lederhosen, the happiest-go-lucky people in the world… I’m giddy just thinking about it.

Sip hot mulled wine at a Christmas Market in Germany

The Christmas Markets in Germany are the three week highlight of a four month winter and pretty much the only thing that can get me outdoors during the season. Mulled wine, or Glühwein as it’s called in German, is nothing short of heart-warming and delicious.

Check out the Art Deco architecture in South Beach, Miami

Ok, so the photo isn’t exactly South Beach, but I did spend my college senior Spring Break in Miami and you bet we explored South Beach. Miami is seriously like visiting another country.

Get lost in the maze of gardens at the Palace of Versailles.

Honestly, the whole time all I could think about is the maintenance, but they are pretty dang beautiful. And we did in fact get lost on the way to other chateaus. I’d be all right living there. And as a kid? Oh could one epic game of hide-and-seek go down there.

Picnic Antoni Gaudi’s surreal Parc Güell in Barcelona.

Gaudi is all over Barcelona, but this is one spot not to be missed on a warm day. It is such a unique, free public space to spend an afternoon relaxing.

Catch some colored beads at a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans

Growing up so close to New Orleans (ok 6 hrs from NOLA, so close by US standards), I had multiple opportunities to visit the lively city for foodies, cultural enthusiasts, partiers, jazz lovers, and gamblers alike. I conviently fall into all 5 categories, and Mardi Gras is an experience of a lifetime (unless you are one of those people incapable of letting loose, then I suggest visiting during another time of year).

Visit each of the five villages of Italy’s Cinque Terre

The five villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarolla, and Riomaggiore, are all connected by old trails that were used to transport grapes and other goods from village to village. You pay to hike the trails since it is considered a national park, but it is worth every penny for the amazing coastal views. They even have one handicap accessible path.

Stroll around the megayacht-filled Port de Monaco

We visited Monaco for the sole purpose of yacht watching. As appealing as the Monte Carlo Casino sounds, the 200€ betting minimum was not so appealing.

Walk around the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik

Croatia was the first stop on my first solo trip and Split and Dubrovnik both were spectacularly charming and beautiful. The deep blue waters and the red roofs, islands, and boats galore just can’t disappoint.

13 out of 100 ain’t SO bad.

What are your travel dream spots?

  • http://www.apassionandapassport.com Jessica

    Awesome post! And thanks for sharing that article! Sure makes me feel like I have to get out there NOW to check some things off! Just found your blog and loving it!

    • http://www.thesliceoflifeblog.com kim

      I’m only at 8! Some I felt were really really specific — dublin on st patty’s day?! …also, i can think of a bunch of other places id rather be in ireland on st pattys! jus saying!! :)

      • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

        Yeah, there were a few places I’d been but hadn’t done their specific thing. Oh well. And I can’t lie, I’d LOVE to do Ireland on St. Patty’s Day, but really, I just want to visit there period.

    • http://www.lilywanderlust.com Lily @ Lilywanderlust.com

      Isn’t it wild how living abroad actually makes you more keen on traveling back home? I feel like there are so many road trips that I haven’t experienced in the States! I’m dying to check out New Orleans and Austin sometime when I’m back on that side of the Atlantic…

      • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

        Oh you MUST do New Orleans and Austin. I couldn’t have dreamed of attending college in a better town than Austin. Both cities have AWESOME food

        • http://sunshineandsiestas.com Cat of Sunshine and Siestas

          Woo, crossing Dubrovnik off the list next Saturday, and hoping for Oktoberfest – both of my cousins moved to Germany in the last few years!

          • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

            Oktoberfest is my dreamland! You must visit!

    • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

      Yayyy so glad you found my blog and I’m loving yours too!!

  • http://www.meganstarr.com Megan

    i have soooo much catching up to do soon on your blog! life is so crazy again :(

    i want to walk the walls in dubrovnik 😉

    ive been to 12 of these things. ive been to loads of the places, but goodness forbid i didnt spot that macau in costa rica when i was trekkin through the jungle. and i have been in marina bay sands in singapore but didnt go up to the roof because i was being classy and sporting nike running shorts. wah. maybe next time 😉

    • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

      Hahaha I often sport the classy Nike shorts look. Germans definitely think I’m weird for it. And don’t worry, you haven’t missed too much 😉

  • http://www.highcottonblog.com Staci

    I think I’m at a BIG FAT ZERO haha

    • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

      That’s why we must organize the ultimate blogger party in NOLA!

    • Jules

      I have made it to 8 of them, so that is not so bad. Lucky for me, my home base of Chicago was on that list. I was so surprised to hear that you traveled to Guatemala. Where in Guatemala did you go? It is such a beautiful country. I love your blog. I am an American living not far from KA with my family and it is great to hear your stories and experiences.

      • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

        My Guatemala trip was a very fortunate one – I have a friend with a house down there and we went and celebrated New Years on the coast in Puerto Quetzal. We went to the beaches, deep see fishing, swimming, etc. and then brought Christmas gifts to an orphanage there. Always nice knowing there are other Americans nearby. Let me know if oyu need a babysitter 😉

        • Jules

          We had also visited that area, at the Port of San Jose which looks like it is also right there. We had friends from Guatemala who have a house near the beach. Guatemala is so beautiful. I lived in Antigua, Guatemala for 5 weeks and it was the most eye opening experience.
          I will let you know if we need a sitter! :)

          • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

            I passed on a fantastic opportunity to live in Antigua one summer and am STILL kicking myself for it.

          • Jules

            Hopefully you get another opportunity to go to Antigua, I think you would love it. There are so many great sights to see as well as good food, interesting people, etc.

  • http://treasuretromp.com Nicole (@TreasureTromp)

    this is FANTASTIC. I think that I will be doing a similar post in the near future…

    • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

      You most definitely should!

  • http://landofcandycanes.blogspot.com Katrin

    Still so much for me too see! :)) I would love to travel to India, San Francisco, Iceland, Ireland or New Zealand next. But there are so many places I want to see! :)

    • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

      Ah those are all places I REALLY want to go too! Hoping to visit friends in New Delhi and Iceland!

  • http://oneroadtraveler.wordpress.com haileyhiggs

    I think I counted about 9 that I’ve done, but should be adding 3-4 of those this year! However I have traveled to 30 of the 50 US states and I would majorly alter that list (the link) if I were making it.. there’s lots of great things missing from it!

    • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

      I think I’ve only done 3 on the States list – and ya I thought it was a little funny like how it choose Idaho for skiing when I think most people would think Colorado, for instance. So awesome you’ve been to 30 states!

  • http://stevenglassman.de Steven

    Cool post!

    I managed to hit like seven of the 100, with some overlap to your list.

    I lived in South Florida all my life, so it’s interesting to see other people’s perspectives on South Beach. For my money, some of the best food in the world can be had at the 11th Street Diner at the corner of 11th and Washington. I’m just sayin’.

  • http://confuzzledom.wordpress.com bevchen

    Jan has the book “1001 Places to Visit Before You Die” and I also bought him the Germany, Austria, Switzerland version. Every time I look at those I feel like I’ve barely travelled at all (although some of them I don’t even want to see… a golf course in St. Andrews? No thanks!)!

    Of the list you linked to, I have done five. How disappointing!

  • http://Heleneinbetween.com Helene

    You are way more traveled than most people. I wish I could just flit off and go wherever, whenever. Why can’t people pay me for that?

  • http://ohlauradarling.blogspot.com/ Laura

    This post makes me want to get on a plane right now! I’d love to go to Paris some day! And New Orleans! :)

  • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

    I didn’t know they had regional versions of that book, pretty cool! I have the calendar :)

  • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

    I am always SO jealous of all these travel bloggers that get whisked away on adventures – a girl can dream :)

  • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

    So you definitely have an affinity for the French culture! They’re definitely both must-see spots!

  • Daddio

    You have me beat on your world travel list, 13 to 6. You might even have me beat on the State-side travel list, I counted 10. Anyway, I obviously need to get out more.

    Glad you found an idea from an e-mail of mine.

    Happy for, and proud of, you.

    Love always,


  • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

    Nope, I’ve only done 3 on the US list, but some are so dang specific. Like why skiing in Idaho? Surely it should be Colorado.

  • http://sarainlepetitvillage.blogspot.com/ Sara Louise

    You are nailing that list!
    And you know what’s funny? I’ve been to Monte Carlo more times than I can count, and I had no idea that there was a €200 betting minimum in the casino because I never make it inside! I always park my butt outside of it with a bottle of Rosé and people watch.

  • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

    Oh I did not gamble either but we had some friends who paid the entrance fee and then let us in on that little tid bit. They said they pretend to play and just had to stand around the tables and enjoy the cocktails haha